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Nintendo Switch getting three more games at launch

The Nintendo Switch launch lineup has a trio of new additions: World of Goo, Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine.
  1. Michael McWhertor

    The Nintendo Switch launch lineup has a trio of new additions: World of Goo, Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine. Developer Tomorrow Corporation announced those three games will be available for Switch on March 3rd, the same day Nintendo’s next console arrives.

    While those games have been released on previous generations of Nintendo hardware, the Switch versions will have something exclusive.

    All three games will come bundled with their full original soundtracks,” the developer said on its website. “Tomorrow Corporation’s intrepid interns have created a new Soundtrack Mode, where players can explore Kyle Gabler’s wonderfully bizarre music in this special mode, available only on Nintendo Switch.

    All three games will be digital releases, so make sure you have plenty of add-on storage.

    2D Boy’s World of Goo was first released in 2008 on Wii. Tomorrow Corporation’s Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine were released for Wii U in 2012 and 2015, respectively.

    Tomorrow Corporation’s games join The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 1-2-Switch, Skylanders Imaginators, Super Bomberman R and Just Dance 2017 in the confirmed list of titles coming to Nintendo Switch on day one.

    Source: Polygon

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  1. Sup iM Jeremy
    yawn. call me when its time for super smash
  2. 3xTiNcT
    Of course they're old games. They should at least come with the console.
    1. Habofro
      The human ressource machine came out less than a year ago.

      Also, I'm not sure why an old game would be worth nothing. They're still amazing games.
    2. 3xTiNcT
      Yeah but still, they're not new games for it specifically. I just expected to much from Nintendo I guess.
  3. Keeley Hazell
    Yay all games that only little kids and anime fans care about! :biggrin:. I had high hopes for this system but now I'm deciding if I should even buy it.
    1. Salus
      Welcome to Nintendo
      Keeley Hazell likes this.
    2. Habofro
      I'm not quite sure if you know what kind of game WoG and Little Inferno are...
      Keeley Hazell likes this.
    3. Keeley Hazell
      I just looked it up and my opinion still stands lol. Nintendo needs better titles if they want me to buy their system. Skyrim is like the only good game so far
  4. Habofro
    That's great news! I love 2D boys/Tomorrow corp! All of their games are amazing!