While many Switch (and Wii U) owners may be looking forward to tomorrow's release of the first Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC pack, today offers a reason to check out the eShop. A pair of new games launch today for Switch owners.

The first of these is Gonner, a procedurally generated platformer that features elements of roguelikes. It's also incredibly difficult, a fact the official description doesn't shy away from acknowledging, telling prospective buyers outright, "You will die. A lot. This is by design, but it's not made to feel unfair."

Gonner was originally set to be released for Switch earlier in June, only for it to be delayed indefinitely. A reason for this has not been provided, but that wait fortunately turned out to be only three weeks. You can pick up the game today for $10/£9; a trailer for the PC version can be seen above.

Also new on the eShop today is another ACA Neo Geo game. This time around it's Magical Drop II, a puzzle game in the mold of Bust-a-Move (aka Puzzle Bobble), where you fire orbs up to create matches and clear the screen. It features two-player support and carries the standard Neo Geo game pricing of $8/£6.29.

These are the first new additions to the eShop this week. Last week saw the release of three games, including the excellent Cave Story+. The system's next big release comes on July 21, when Splatoon 2 arrives.

Source: GameSpot