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Nintendo Switch eShop Adds A Bunch Of New Games This Week

It's Thursday again, which means another batch of new games have been added to the Nintendo Switch Eshop. This week is another busy one for the...
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    It's Thursday again, which means another batch of new games have been added to the Nintendo Switch Eshop. This week is another busy one for the hybrid console; a total of 18 titles launch on Switch, the bulk of which are available starting today, December 21.

    While no major first- or third-party titles arrive on Switch this week, today's releases include a handful of games that are certainly worth your time if you're looking for something new to play on the console. Among them is the hilarious Mom Hid My Game, which was previously available on mobile devices under the much more elegant moniker Hidden My Game By Mom. Also available is the Advance Wars-inspired strategy game Tiny Metal; the Zelda-style 2D adventure game Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King; the top-down racer/shooter The Next Penelope; and the mini-game/art creator Puzzle Box Maker.

    In addition to those games, the cartoony, Smash Bros.-style fighter Brawlout released on Switch earlier this week. A pair of titles are also arriving tomorrow, December 22: the 3D rogue like brawler Heart & Slash, and the strategic board game Tactical Mind. Europe and Japan, meanwhile, receive an exceptionally rare Mario game today: Vs. Super Mario Bros., a remixed version of the original NES game that was released in Japanese arcades.

    You can see the full list of this week's Switch releases below. You can also still find a couple of great games on sale in the Eshop. Overcooked: Special Edition is $16 until December 28, while Rocket League and some of its DLC are discounted from now until January 2. You can also purchase FIFA 18 for $40 from the Switch Eshop for a limited time.

    This Week's Nintendo Switch New Releases

    December 18
    • 60 Seconds
    December 19
    • Brawlout
    • Crawl
    • Dragon Fang Z: The Rose & Dungeon of Time
    December 21
    • ACA Neo Geo Pulstar
    • Blossom Tales: The Sleeping Knight
    • The Coma: Recut
    • The Deer God
    • Frederic: Resurrection of Music
    • Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
    • Mom Hid My Game
    • The Next Penelope
    • Puzzle Box Maker
    • Tiny Metal
    • Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL
    December 22
    • Heart & Slash
    • Tactical Mind
    December 23
    • Bloody Zombies

    Source: GameSpot

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