Nintendo Switch owners looking for something new to play on the console have a bunch of options to choose from now. A total of 17 games arrive on the Eshop this week, including the first Switch release from Fable creator Peter Molyneux's studio, 22Cans.

Headlining this week's releases is The Trail: Frontier Challenge, a stylish and leisurely adventure game by 22Cans. The Trail puts players in the role of a pioneer who embarks on a journey across an uncharted country. Players can choose a profession, craft items, and trade their wares with other players at campfires.

This week also sees the return of a couple of dormant franchises, although they may not be quite what fans were hoping for. First is Scribblenauts Showdown, a multiplayer-centric entry in the Scribblenauts series. It was released earlier this week alongside Fear Effect Sedna, a new sequel to the cult classic PS1 game Fear Effect. However, both games feature different gameplay than their predecessors; Scribblenauts trades level-based puzzles for multiplayer mini-games, while Fear Effect Sedna is a real-time tactical game set in isometric environments.

Other new Switch games out this week include the latest ACA Neo Geo game, Real Bout Fatal Fury; the action-platformer Bleed 2; the retro shoot-'em-up Steredenn: Binary Stars; the 8-bit roguelike Bit Dungeon Plus; and the RPG Earthlock. A handful of titles are also set to arrive in the Eshop on March 9, including platformer/roguelike Flinthook and the puzzler TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom. You can find the full list of this week's new Switch releases below.

Nintendo is airing a new Direct presentation tonight, March 8, which is set to focus on new and upcoming games for both Switch and 3DS. While Nintendo hasn't revealed which titles it will show off during the broadcast, one that the company confirmed we'll learn more about is Mario Tennis Aces, which is slated to release for Switch this spring.

This Week's Nintendo Switch New Releases

March 6
  • Fear Effect Sedna
  • North
  • Scribblenauts Showdown
March 8
  • ACA Neo Geo: Real Bout Fatal Fury
  • Bit Dungeon Plus
  • Bleed 2
  • Earthlock
  • I, Zombie
  • The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya
  • Midnight Deluxe
  • Steredenn: Binary Stars
  • The Trail: Frontier Challenge
  • World Conqueror X
March 9
  • Flinthook
  • One Eyed Kutkh
  • Spy Chameleon
  • TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom

Source: GameSpot