This week’s Nintendo Switch eShop update — the last one of the year — is a bit disappointing compared to recent weeks. But, in fairness, the eShop has received more than 50 games throughout the month of December, so consider this week’s dearth as encouragement to plow through your backlog.

Most notable this week is the release of SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition, an updated version of the fan-favorite, turn-based strategy game. This marks SteamWorld Heist’s Switch debut, two years after it first won acclaim on Nintendo 3DS. The Ultimate Edition includes the game’s previously released downloadable content right out of the gate, as well as a new campaign.

SteamWorld aside, things are ... pretty dry out there. Nintendo’s pumping up some of last week’s late-breaking releases, including Arcade Archives VS. Super Mario Bros., an $8 re-release of the arcade-exclusive version of Super Mario Bros. While it’s easy to see this as a pricy port of a widely available game, VS. Super Mario Bros. is infamously tougher than the NES original. There are fewer collectibles, even early on in the game, and enemies are way more durable.

The game launched on Switch eShop on Dec. 22, just before Christmas, but if you missed it over the holiday period, VS. Super Mario Bros. is both a rare port and infuriatingly tough, by most accounts.

Source: Polygon