During Nintendo's Switch livestream event, it was revealed that the console's Joy-Con controllers feature an assortment of different features, such as motion control capability, amiibo support, and much more. Below you can see a detailed list of what the controllers are capable of.

Joy-Con Controller Features
  • Each Joy-Con includes a full set of buttons, and each can act as a standalone controller.
  • An IR Motion Camera gives the Joy-Con controller motion support and even allows it to detect different hand gestures.
  • Each controller features something called HD Rumble, which gives them the ability to convey different types of vibrations. For instance, the controller can simulate the vibration of shaking a cup with an ice cube in it.
  • The right Joy-Con includes a sensor that can scan Amiibo.
  • A share button allows you to capture screenshots that you can share with others.
  • Each Joy-Con has a strap you can attach to your wrist.
  • The controllers come in different colors. Only red and blue have been confirmed so far.
  • Each controller sports prominent shoulder buttons.

You can take a closer look at the controller's buttons and features in the image below:

Nintendo Switch is launching March 3 and will cost $299.

Source: GameSpot