It may not be the Virtual Console service that Nintendo Switch owners have been waiting for, but the first classic Nintendo game is now available for the console. Today, the arcade classic Mario Bros. arrives in the Switch Eshop, kicking off Nintendo's newly announced line of Arcade Archives titles.

Mario Bros. is one of Nintendo's earliest titles, originally releasing in arcades in 1983. Up to two players can compete or cooperate with each other as Mario and Luigi, guiding the plumbers around a single screen and defeating enemies as they emerge from pipes. Unlike later Mario games, however, players can't jump directly on enemies to dispatch them; rather, you need to punch the floor beneath them to turn them over, then kick them before they can regain their footing.


While Mario Bros. has been ported and remade for various consoles throughout the years, the Arcade Archives version reproduces the visuals as they appeared in arcades and allows two players to play together using a single Joy-Con each. The port is handled by Hamster, the studio responsible for the slate of ACA Neo Geo titles. Like those games, Mario Bros. retails for $8/£6.29.

Nintendo announced a slew of other Arcade Archives games for Switch during its most recent Direct broadcast earlier this month. These include Vs. Super Mario Bros., Vs. Balloon Fight, Vs. Ice Climber, Vs. Pinball, and Vs. Clu Clu Land. However, the company hasn't revealed pricing or release details for any of those titles yet. Meanwhile, this week's batch of new Switch games is scheduled to arrive Thursday, September 28, and features the charming golfing RPG Golf Story and Picross S, among many others.

Source: GameSpot