Nintendo Labo is officially out today, and one of the immediate concerns Nintendo Switch owners will have is how to replace a component if it gets lost or damaged. Fortunately, Nintendo’s online store is here to help with replacement parts for Labo kits.

Nintendo is currently selling Labo replacement parts for the Robot Kit and Variety Kit through its online store. They can be purchased on a per-Toy-Con basis, meaning if you purchased a Variety Kit and only need to replace the cardboard required to build the fishing rod, that will cost you $8.99 (plus shipping). Replacement kits for the Variety Kit’s house, motorbike, piano and RC car are also available at prices ranging from $2.99 to $11.99.

For the Robot Kit, Nintendo sells cardboard replacement parts on a per-component basis. If you just need some replacement accessories — straps and grommets — that’s a $9.99 replacement cost, while a replacement visor and feet will set you back $5.99. If for some reason you need to buy the entire Robot Kit piecemeal, sans software, that’ll cost $61.92.

Nintendo isn’t selling the full kits through its online store just yet, though it is selling the Nintendo Labo Customization Set — stickers and tape — for $9.99.

Source: Polygon