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Nintendo Power to "Bite the Dust"


An icon that was once king of a video gaming era of yesterday, and once vocally resonated throughout elementary schools and bedrooms alike when Internet accessibility was once scarce, is soon to meet an inevitable fate: cease of publication. As confirmed by Nintendo Power Senior Editor, Chris Hoffman, by his Twitter account, Chris is "sad to see," Nintendo Power depart and that the last issues of the memorable publication would be quite memorable. Although the plight of Nintendo Power was rather conspicuous as the magazine industry in the United States is steadily falling as people around the country are switching from periodic news installments that arrive via mail to instantaneous updates and news stories via email or website visitation. Nintendo's reluctance to renew the necessary documents for Future Publishing to continue Nintendo Power's publication, and Nintendo's unwillingness to retake its own brand, has aided the official writ of signature of Nintendo Power's death warrant.

Sadly Nintendo Power, alongside many of its fallen comrades, isn't the first once popular magazine publication to meet such a dismal fate so rapidly, nor will it be the last publication of its kind to do so. Alas is the evolving technological society of which we reside in that will ultimately claim those who cannot keep the pace. Nintendo Power's failure to meet quota and dance in melodic tempo with the racing world assuringly does not signify a downfall of the gaming magazine industry. Future Publishing, the publisher that took the helms of Nintendo Power in 2007, will continue their official Playstation, Xbox, and Gamer publications. Additionally, GameInformer is prospering as it holds a notable position in the magazine industry as being the third most popular and read magazine in the United States. As you may have guessed, their close business ties with GameStop, a profitable and clever strategy, ensured GameInformer's massive growth as of late.

Nintendo Power's departure is definitely a saddening one at the least for Nintendo fans, the gamer generation that grew up alongside its publications, and fans of the magazine. Will you be missing Nintendo Power? Do you have any fond memories of the magazine?
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