Nintendo NX Set for 2017 Release & Zelda U Delayed Again

Earlier today Nintendo announced the heavily anticipated release date of its next console iteration, the NX. The console is slated for a March...
  1. Sega

    Earlier today Nintendo announced the heavily anticipated release date of its next console iteration, the NX, via its quarterly financial report. The home console is slated for a March 2017 global release. The statement reads:

    "For our dedicated video game platform business, Nintendo is currently developing a gaming platform codenamed “NX” with a brand-new concept. NX will be launched in March 2017 globally."

    After the initial announcement of the NX’s development back in early 2015, rumours concerning the next-gen console have been circulating chaotically; most notably its release date and the nature of the console itself. A console and handheld hybrid were among some of the most popular speculations, after controller patent designs were leaked.


    However, the resulting news has left a bittersweet taste in the mouths of some consumers, as the next Legend of Zelda title has been delayed once more to 2017, to allow for “further improvement of quality.” Originally anticipated for a 2015 Wii U release, fans of the franchise have had to endure scant information concerning the title since its unveiling at E3 2014. The game had already been delayed before due to “several new possibilities” and to shift the priority to “making the most complete and ultimate Zelda game.”


    Fans may take some solace though, as Nintendo stated that the new Zelda game would receive a dual-release on both the Wii U and the NX. It would also be playable at this year’s E3 expo; alongside some much-needed information about the game’s development. The NX, however, will not be showcased during E3. Fans can expect more information about the console “later in the year.”

    What are your thoughts on the NX and Zelda’s delay? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Keeley Hazell
    Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, maybe Pokemon.. Same **** different system. Don't get me wrong I liked my Gameboys when I was younger but the only console I have respect for made by Nintendo is the Game Cube. These Wii type consoles aren't even close to competing with Sony and Microsoft. GG
  2. Red58
    Not gonna buy, still too pissed off about how they lied about the Wii U.

    Would rather have read about a new SEGA console, wouldn't that have been fitting?
    1. Sega
      Quite fitting. I'm undecided whether to buy the game for the Wii U or the NX. I've gotten good use out of my Wii U, so I think I'd rather have the better version of the game.
  3. 3xTiNcT
    Probably a good thing they're holding Zelda back for the NX.
  4. Feyfolken
    It's about time that they stopped leaving it to speculation and announced a release date for it. I wonder if its release will cause Microsoft or Sony to come forth with console update plans.

    Great article, Sharp! I'm glad to see that you've still got it. :wink:
    1. Sega
      I doubt that Sony or Microsoft have any plans of revealing a next-gen console. The predicted life cycle for the PS4 and One were ten years, so it would be a surprise for them to reveal information of their future plans so soon.
    2. Feyfolken
      Well, I was thinking more on the lines of the PS4.5 rumor and things of that nature. The consoles have come under fire for not being able to support many games that come out due to the hardware. It wouldn't be a bad time for them to update their consoles if Nintendo is coming out with a new one.
  5. Zelk
    Personally I feel Nintendo has gone down the pooper. I don't have high hopes for the NX, although the controller designs leaked, real or not, look pretty dope.
    Nice article, Sega.
      Feyfolken likes this.
    1. Sega
      Deadpool, Night, Zelkaar and 2 others like this.
    2. Zelk
      oops. My bad dude, I could have sworn it said SharpGhost. Fixed lel.