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Nintendo eShop Update Brings Yo-Kai Watch 3

On Nintendo Switch, players will get access to side-scrolling fairy tale adventure The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince, cyberpunk detective...
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    On Nintendo Switch, players will get access to side-scrolling fairy tale adventure The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince, cyberpunk detective thriller Observer, and feel-good first-person shooter Away: Journey to the Unexpected.

    Yo-Kai Watch 3 from developer Level-5 sends players to the country of BBQ (aka these United States of America), where they’ll encounter new ’Merican Yo-Kai, including spirits that take the form of anthropomorphized ears of corn, baseballs, hamburgers, slices of bacon, chicken nuggets, and more. Players can experience parallel storylines set in the city of St. Peanutsburg and Springdale, where they’ll meet more than 600 Yo-Kai.

    Here’s everything else that’s new on the Nintendo eShop this week for Switch and 3DS:

    • 99Moves – Available Feb. 8
    • Access Denied – Available Feb. 8
    • Ancient Rush 2
    • Arcade Archives Moon Cresta
    • BlazBlue Central Fiction Special Edition
    • City of Brass – Available Feb. 8
    • Defense Grid 2
    • Doom & Destiny – Available Feb. 8
    • Estiman
    • Evoland Legendary Edition
    • Freecell Battle King
    • Food Truck Tycoon – Available Feb. 8
    • Glass Masquerade – Available Feb. 8
    • Gnomes Garden: New Home
    • Iron Crypticle – Available Feb. 13
    • Magic Scroll Tactics
    • Mercury Race
    • Minesweeper Genius – Available Feb. 12
    • Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 2 – Available Feb. 8
    • Odallus: The Dark Call – Available Feb. 8
    • Oniken: Unstoppable Edition – Available Feb. 8
    • Percy’s Predicament Deluxe
    • Ping Pong Trick Shot Evolution
    • Pocket Academy – Full & Demo Versions
    • Pumped BMX Pro
    • Reverie: Sweet As Edition
    • RIOT – Civil Unrest
    • Shanky: The Vegan’s Nightmare
    • Sky Gamblers – Afterburner
    • Solitaire Klondike Black
    • Solstice Chronicles: MIA
    • Spoiler Alert
    • Stunt Kite Party – Available Feb. 8
    • The King’s Bird – Available Feb. 12
    • The Stillness of the Wind
    • Toridama: Brave Challenge
    • Vera Swings (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)

    Source: Polygon

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