Nintendo has announced Arms. At its Switch press conference event, the company described it as a "fighting sports game that uses extendable arms."

To play, you use a Joy Con in each hand and physically throw punches. You can also twist your real punches to have your virtual punches do the same. Nintendo says that the game plays like a blend between a boxing game and a shooter, as it requires you to aim your shots. Arms also allows you to dodge, dash, and jump.

Visually, the game looks reminiscent of Street Fighter 5 with a colorful art style coupled with interesting, cartoon-like characters.

The game has a single player mode and will also allow you to fight against an opponent locally in a split-screen mode, online, or with another Switch user.

During Nintendo’s press conference, we got to see a live split screen demo of two characters named Spring Man and Ribbon Girl fighting each other. From the footage we saw, it appears that there will be a diverse cast of characters with special attacks.

Arms is set to launch Spring 2017.

Source: GameSpot