Nintendo have announced that they will be releasing a new hand-held gaming system, a 2D version of the 3DS which is compatible with 3DS games but instead are played in 2D, it is also compatible with over 2,000+ regular DS games that can be purchased from the Nintendo E-Shop along with applications and more. The console is to be released October 12th along with Pokemon X and Y for $129.99. The new handheld also comes with a motion sensor feature.​
In my opinion this is a disgusting system, it's huge and looks really ugly, it looks like it will have to be held in two hands which will make it harder for accessibility with the stylus and will make the system unable to be stored in a pocket like previous DS's. It's a waste of Nintendo's money as it will not be popular with very many audiences as children will find it hard to handle as it's so big and with the 3DS recently released it stands up for no contest against that.​