The new entry in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter World has arrived on Xbox One and PS4, a PC release is still to come. The game is being made for more powerful hardware as opposed to the 3DS. Like recent entries in the series has allowed some benefits to being bigger and visually appealing than previous Monster Hunters Games. This is especially accurate when playing on the upgraded versions of the two consoles, and right now, you can pick this up in a nicely discounted bundle.

Aside from the separate PS4 Pro bundle that perceives of Monster Hunter World and Titanfall 2 for free, Newegg has a deal on the Xbox One X. On its website, the retailer is selling the system for its regular price of $500. This will come with a complimentary copy of Monster Hunter World included. Given that the game launched and it's priced at $60 on its own, that's a nice incentive to pick one up.

The system and game are new and unused, although shipping is not free. This offer is available from now through Thursday, February 1 (unless it sells out before then). If you're looking for a more inexpensive alternative, there is also the aforementioned PS4 Pro deal that sells for $100 less. On either that system or Xbox One X, you'll be able to leverage the additional horsepower to expand the experience. A setting grants you to prioritize framerate, resolution, or other visual effects, which you can't do on a Normal PS4 or Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot