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Next Xbox One Update Coming This Spring

Microsoft has announced that the next major update for the Xbox One will release this spring. The update should arrive for Preview Program members...
  1. Frost

    Good news for Xbox One users today, as the next Xbox One update time-frame has been announced. The update will be coming later this spring, with Preview Program members getting an early taste of it at the end of next month or sometime in June. It has not been stated what the update contains fully, however it has been stated that it will contain "key gaming features." There are some features that are expected to come with this next update, such as the ability for all Xbox One consoles to act as development kits, on top of the addition of background music and the Cortana assistant. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, stated that players will see "even more Anniversary update features announced at E3 this summer." The show itself is being held in June, as Microsoft just recently announced the date for its major event.

    It was announced back in November of last year when Xbox One's New Experience Program launched that Windows 10 is the "underlying operating system" for the console. The Windows 10 Anniversary update will contain major changes, one of which is the merging of the Xbox Store and the Windows Store into one functioning store. "The store will work across all devices in the ecosystem and provide developers more choice in how and where they deliver their content and monetize their customers. New support will include features that game developers have come to expect and require from Xbox One into the Windows Store including support for bundles, season passes, preorders, and more", Microsoft stated. Xbox Dev Mode is also a big part of the update, as it allows developers to make and test games on the Xbox One console itself rather than making it on PC then transferring the files over.

    The Anniversary update will also be coming to the PC as well, which will introduce some small features and tweaks, such as improved support for stylus pens and a new sign in option for users that have the Edge browser installed on their computers. Mike Ybarra, the Xbox lead engineer, took to Twitter today to thank the Preview members for helping them test features before they are released to the public. "BTW, the team is always thankful for our Preview members and the amazing feedback they provide," Ybarra said. Overall, the update looks promising to Xbox One users so far, and more information is still to come at E3 this summer.

    What do you guys think about the big update to come this summer? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. AlienFreek01
    Still waiting
  2. 3xTiNcT
    I just want my background music.
      Adam88 2nd and oblivioncth like this.
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    2. 3xTiNcT
      Hope it's sooner than later...
      AlienFreek01 likes this.
    3. Sliding
      Same here, it should have been implemented at launch.
    4. 3xTiNcT
      A lot of things should of been available at launch...
  3. oblivioncth
    With the date mentioned for preview users, shouldn't this be "next update coming this summer"? Lol.
  4. Keeley Hazell
    And still nothing about Black Ops 1 backwards compatibility...
    1. Pavilion v2
      this is getting ridiculous aye?
  5. Froudey
    All I want is to go into settings for controllers etc and TURN OF VIBRATION!!!! I don't use it. from early PS1 days to PS4 I turn that **** off I can't stand it I hardly play my Xbone because of it.
    1. Kerbewm
      If you have a elite Xbox One Wireless controller you can turn off wireless using the Xbox Accessories App.


      because of course you have to pay extra to turn off vibration. 10/10 Microsoft.
      Freedom likes this.
    2. Orginal
      Go to settings in your game and turn off vibration of the controller.
    3. Froudey
      not all games let you turn it off....
  6. Kerbewm
    Bit by bit over the years, the Xbox One will eventually become something worth owning. Probably not though.
      Razor sean likes this.
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    2. Kerbewm
      Backwards compatibility? Unless you threw your xbox 360 down a flight of stairs the day the Xbox One launched that's completely pointless a feature. Unless you're lazy to the point unplugging a few cords is too much hassle to play a few old games, at least if you just plug in your 360 you're not limited to whatever they could be bothered to let you play.

      VR maybe? Not really. Microsoft has already made it clear they won't be going out of their way to support VR capability, playstation have the cheapest on the market and people seem to be loving it so far so it's leading on the VR front too.

      I guess if you really like Halo it's the console for you, but other than that I can't really think of an edge it has. Do enlighten me to one though, I'd genuinely like a reason to get one that isn't just " you can play the dead halo 5 multiplayer on it "
    3. Keeley Hazell
      Not everybody is a hardcore graphics nerd lol. I didn't look at which one had better tech before buying.. I bought the One because I have the 360 and that's what my friends moved on to. Also for the backwards compatibility part, I sold my Xbox 360 a few months after getting my One.. and I'm sure many others have done the same. I'm excited about this feature. But I'll agree with Halo 5 it is crap lol
    4. Salus
      #pcmustardrace >>>> poopstation4
      bak0n likes this.
  7. televisedfool
    My guess on the features? It's going to be heavy on the Windows 10 / PC side of things.
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    2. Geo7
      I wouldn't mind this, would be nice to have it more console based but I use the Xbox features on Windows 10 PC a fair bit. I'm just happy at the speeds of all the menus on the console now... I have faint memories of Windows 8 on the console and its horrifying.
      TheItalianLad likes this.
    3. TheAtom
      Well, Im all in for this update. It sucks because I'm trying to make an exploit to get Linux onto XBone, but there are NO programming languages that support UWP that I know how to really use. If only they made CMD accessible on XB, I could EASILY get the OS to boot into Advanced Startup and make it load up the disc. The only problem is getting the controller to work. I guess I could plug in a keyboard and mouse though...

      Oh wait...

      I'm rambling again...
      Geo7 likes this.
    4. Sketch
      Oh boy... so much wrong with the post above.
      TheAtom likes this.