2K's crime game Mafia III expands today with a new expansion called Stones Unturned.

The character John Donovan is the focus of the expansion, as he joins main character Lincoln Clay as they both "uncover a dangerous plot" in New Bordeaux. This chase will take players to a "new island location that holds secrets long held classified."

Donovan joins Clay as they hunt down their formal rival Connor Aldridge, while the new island is described as "dense jungle." Players will track down a crashed military plane and the cargo that got scattered in the downing.

Stones Unturned also adds Bounty Hunting missions and a number of new weapons and items, including the following (descriptions written by 2K):
  • Weapons: Hop in the back of a vehicle-mounted turret and take out incoming foes, or go loud with the improved grenade launcher and RPG.
  • Sniper Service: You’ll also get the ability to call in Marshall's Sniper Service to quickly pinpoint and take out enemies.
  • Outfits: Go tactical with the new Jungle Camo commando garb for more serious affairs, or don the Party Animal outfit for a casual look that would fit just right on an island or in a Cuban café.
  • New Fleet Vehicles: The heavy-duty Griffin Borneo Sport joins Lincoln’s fleet after completing the story missions. Make sure to complete all of the bounty hunting missions to get the sporty De'Leo Stiletto, as well as new decals for customising your ride.
Stones Unturned is Mafia III's second paid expansion, following "Faster, Baby!" A third expansion, called "Sign of the Times" and involving cults, will come out later. Stones Unturned is included Mafia III's $30 season pass or can be purchased by itself for $15.

Mafia III has shipped 5 million copies by Take-Two's latest count. It shipped 4.5 million copies in its launch week last year, setting a new record for 2K. The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: GameSpot