Next Gen UK Games to Cost £55.00

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    On the UK retailer GAME's PS4FAQ section this can be seen​
    That equals out to be around 80$ in US currency, which is 20$ higher than the current price of new games (60$). Truthfully, this article seems to have flown over many people's heads, but if EA has already confirmed their next-gen game prices, will other publishers follow suit and raise the price as well? Let it be known that this is for PS4 only right now, so future Xbox One owners may still get the 60$ price tag, but personally I doubt that; no way EA would charge PS4 owners 80$ and Xbox One owners only 60$.

    I'd have to say that the increased price makes sense, since games are becoming more expensive to make, it only makes sense that the price goes up as well, and with consoles costing more it all adds up! If this turns out to be true, I can definitely understand the reasoning behind it. If you look at how much games retailed for 10 years ago, it was cheaper than 60$, but then as things get more expensive to make, the prices go up.

    The other thing to consider here is will this change anything related to PC games? Or will PC gamers continue to get the generous prices which are usually less than 60$ as it is? If this turns out to be true and all next gen games retail at 80$ brand new, will you continue to be a console gamer or move to the PC where games can be had for much cheaper prices almost from the very beginning?

    Leave your thoughts and comments below :smile:

    Update: Amazon UK has changed its PS4 game prices to reflect this stance, price's can be seen here. It also shows that Xbox One games will be the same price as PS4 games for all publishers. Xbox One games can be seen here.

    Update 2: It appears that right now this is only happening in the UK as regular Amazon still has the next gen games at 59.99$. Good day to be an American :wink:

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