A new mod called "CronusMax" has made Xbox One gaming experience all the more exciting, yet a little surreal. The mod, created by TeamXecuter Collective enables Xbox users to use cross platform controllers such as Xbox 360 and WII remotes to use when playing on their newly released Xbox One.
The new Xbox One controller failed to impress the majority of Xbox fans around the world, with the critics admitting the controller was "too small" and "more fragile than the 360 version". However, CronusMax allows Xbox One users to use their Xbox 360 controllers, both Dualshock 3 and 4 controllers, the WII and WII U controllers and also your average keyboard and mouse as an alternative solution to the "newly improved " controller.

However you always have to look into perspective with modded exploits. It is possible that using cross platform controllers on the Xbox One will void your system warranty, which may cause a lot of modders to assess whether to exploit the new mod. Another barrier which CronusMax could face in the near future is the patch which Xbox is rumored to be currently in development to prevent such mods and other system updates

Microsoft pre-release admitted that the new console has the ability to support both mouse and keyboard controls, however yet again, they have underestimated the power of the worldwide modding community to create such exploits for their past generation consoles and now, their next-gen Xbox One.

To watch CronusMax in action, click here

Source: Youtube Gamespot