New Xbox One Experience & Backwards Compatibility Launching November 12th

As of recently, Microsoft and the Xbox team have been collectively improving themselves in many different fashions. The new Xbox One experience...
  1. RaoulDuke
    As of recently, Microsoft and the Xbox team have been collectively improving themselves in many different fashions. Microsoft itself has become hardware partners with Scuf Gaming, along with the Xbox One Elite controller hitting the market, and the Elite console releasing in exactly a week on November 3rd. All of this factors into what the company envisions for the future of this platform, with a big update coming to the pre-existing consoles sooner than may have been originally thought.

    While at a Halo 5 LIVE event on YouTube Gaming, Xbox head Phil Spencer has finally confirmed the exact release date for the new Xbox One Experience that will be hitting the console. With this new update also bringing backwards compatibility, along with changes and improvements to the console’s interface, it was presumed that this update would not be making its way to the console for months to come. However according to Spencer, it will officially be available starting November 12th.

    This new update to the Xbox One will include many upgrades to the dashboard and various features that are currently available on the console. Some of these new features will be improvements to the guide, allowing you to access party invites, messages, and things of the like with a single push of a button. Therefore allowing you to focus more on enjoying your games and various media. Another interesting new feature will be the addition of Games Hub, which will provide you all the latest updates and news on your favorite games and franchises, directly from the developers. Games Hub will also allow you to see which of your friends have recently played the games that you enjoy the most, while comparing your gamerscore and other stats with theirs.

    A few more additions that Xbox One owners will be happy to see are the new Community Area, along with the improved Xbox Store and OneGuide, which will serve as the sole hub for all of your favorite movies and TV series. The Community Area will act as Xbox’s own version of social media, giving you the chance to share content and like or comment on your friends’ activity. Not only this, but avatars are making a comeback, and will be fully customizable to your liking.

    Last, but certainly not least, is the feature that many Xbox One owners have been waiting for the most, backwards compatibility. Working with either disc based or digital games, backwards compatibility will allow you to play most of your favorite games from Xbox 360 on your new console. Just over 100 titles have been announced for the upcoming feature, with more surely to be added as time goes on. While also opening the door to all the great features that weren’t possible on last gen without purchasing some form of game capture device. By that I mean you’ll be free to record your gameplay, take screenshots, and stream with Windows 10, all while keeping your game saves, add-ons, and achievements that were earned on your 360.

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  1. Tricky
    Why not make all games backwards compatable. Or better yet, why not have made the Xbox One backwards compatable right out of the box. But I guess they wanted to sell as many Xbox 360s as they could by 2016 before the support for the 360 ends.
    1. Dillon Francis
      IT COST MONEY also The game publisher doesn't or they don't want it to come back
  2. Spy
    Great post my friend! Halo 5 is a let down. Lets bring back Reach!
      Qhxp 69 likes this.
    1. NETO0214
      Halo reach was a let down :/ it actually started being a let down since that game came out.

      It's all about halo 3 :smile:, with the true ranking system not this point system!
    2. Qhxp 69
      Halo reach had its ups and downs but halo 2 is the best Halo out there.
    3. Wavy
      Halo 5 was only a let down because they released the game with content that should have been there from the start instead of 2 months later. I really enjoy it otherwise.
  3. breadstick
    Anyone know about being able to license transfer any games we downloaded from 360 to Xbox one? I have gears 1 & 3 on 360 from the games with gold. Been missing it
    1. Wavy
      Depends on if they are allowed in backwards compatibility. 360 games will not work on Xbox One until allowed by backwards compatibility, if I have that correctly.
    2. breadstick
      Yeah makes sense. Pretty sure gears 3 will be backwards compatible, I understand it isn't right now but was just making sure I could license transfer it between console generations
    3. metooviper2525
      Gears of War 1 is backwards compatible, I don't know about the third one. I have the new dashboard already and it allows you to try backwards compatibility and that's one of the games you can play.
  4. Sosuke Aizen
    People will have this settled in on those $300 super Black Friday dealz c:
  5. 3xTiNcT
    Hopefully they fix all the bugs before they release it...
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  6. Wavy
    Hope the release comes with numerous fixes and patches. As of now, the old snap features work better than this overlay. The overlay freezes any game or app after exiting for about 10 seconds. Also, this new update causes you to not be able to connect or even find any networks when you have an external harddrive attached. For me, anyway. I have to unplug my external, then plug it back in after getting onto the home.
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    2. Wavy
      I'm sure those official Xbox One Seagate 2TB Externals work juuuuust fine lol.
    3. Sosuke Aizen
      But that's just Microsoft STILL fuxing the Consumer over by making them pay for the "official micro" HDDVersion instead of utilizing a muuuuch cheaper reliable ThirdParty HDD producer. I've had a 250GB Extern HDD for 4 years & not until this past Winter did Microsoft make it "ohkay" to Format a HDD just a couple Gigs shy of its OG GB Storage on Device.
    4. Sosuke Aizen
      When their Windows machines have NEVER had that problem on any amount of extern storage & you could only have 32GB formatted since 10 years ago lol.
  7. DannyDarthtk
    It is far from ready... they should fix its issues before releasing..
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  8. BrownMagician
    Does this mean if I'm modding with my RGH Xbox one users who are playing let's say BO2 on their Xbox ones, can now join my games and parties when im on my RGH?
      Sosuke Aizen and Salus like this.
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    2. Salus
      hell yeah
    3. Gonzo
      none of the call of duties are backwards compatible
    4. Salus
      not yet :wink:
  9. ProJimmyRustler
    I don't see the fuss about backwards compatibility. Sure, it's cool, but it does not have the games to back it up yet. Everyone is getting excited about the possibilities of games and not looking at the list that is actually there. They need to have games that are worth while on the list. Not arcade games.
    1. Salus
      the games currently on the list are for the preview version of bw compatibility, the actual thing is gonna release with 100+ games
    2. Wavy
      COD filled the top 15 list all over the place of most wanted backwards compatible games, but it is not looking like we will get them (any time soon). Sadly they are not following that list too well.
    3. Salus
      I don't think their plan was to add new games left and right while it's still in preview stage
  10. SharpGhost
    Pretty good news. Let's hope they port over Mass Effect 3.