It's no secret that there's a general consensus about the current Xbox One Dashboard being rather "poor". Well, if you guys have been keeping in mind that the Windows 10 integration with Xbox One is right around the corner, you may have speculated that the console will have a new Dashboard interface that comes along with the update. If you did, you were right.

Kotaku reported earlier tonight that in Fall of 2015, the Xbox One will in fact be getting an entirely new user interface. The update containing this new update won't drop until then for everyone. However, it's possible that Xbox One Preview members may get access to the new Dashboard interface at an earlier date. No official word has been given regarding that, however. In tandem with a new interface, Microsoft said that they are not only focusing on improving the general responsiveness of the interface, but they're promising that it will be faster, and better than the current interface. To top it all off, thanks to the Windows 10 integration, the new Dashboard will indeed feature the voice assistant, Cortana. Just like on Windows 10, Cortana will be able to assist you with a plethora of tasks while you enjoy your console. You can check out some screenshots of the new dashboard below.

Xbox's E3 conference this year has definitely brought a lot of interesting things. New indie titles and IP's, backwards compatibility, and much more. Fall of 2015 is definitely going to be fun, and we'll get to enjoy it with a brand new, and not to mention sexy, Dashboard. Let us know what you think of the new Dashboard, and what you think of Cortana being accessible via your console. Also, a quick thanks to Selena Gomez for bringing this to my attention.