New Xbox One Backward Compatible Games Announced

Since backward compatibility was launched last month with the new Xbox One experience update, owners of the Xbox One have been enjoying Xbox 360...
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    Since backward compatibility was launched last month with the new Xbox One experience update, owners of the Xbox One have been enjoying Xbox 360 games with all the new features they can take advantage of on their current gen console. However, Microsoft faced quite a bit of backlash when gamers looked over the list of 100+ titles and realized that the majority of them were Arcade games, and not the classics they had been waiting for. In light of this, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Head of the Xbox Division, said that there would be new backward compatible games being announced on a regular basis to continuously expand the current library. Following through with his promise, there are now sixteen new games (nineteen for players in the U.K.) that are making their way onto the Xbox One.

    Included in this new list of games is the popular fantasy game Fable III, but also, a game that much of the community has been hoping would be available through the backward compatible program, Halo Reach. Now fans of the series will get an opportunity to take a step back from Halo 5: Guardians, and savor all those nostalgic memories of when they first experienced Halo Reach. But now, you can fully utilize the Xbox One to take screenshots, record video, and share it all with your friends without having to purchase a capture card.

    Xbox One owners in the U.K. will be happy to hear that they have received nineteen games, instead of the original sixteen. So instead of getting Doritos Crash Course, they can play Halo 3, 3v3 NHL Arcade, Small Arms, and Soulcaliber 2 HD. All of the sixteen or nineteen games that have been announced today are listed below, and are available to play now from the Xbox Games Store.
    • 3v3 NHL Arcade (U.K. Only)
    • Braid
    • Doritos Crash Course
    • Fable III
    • Halo 3 (U.K. Only)
    • Halo: Reach
    • Hydro Thunder
    • Iron Brigade
    • Kane & Lynch 2
    • Motocross Madness
    • MS.PAC-MAN
    • Peggle
    • Portal: Still Alive
    • Small Arms (U.K. Only)
    • Spelunky
    • Splosion Man
    • Soulcaliber 2 HD (U.K. Only)
    • Ticket to Ride™
    • Zuma’s Revenge!
    Keep in mind that any games available through the Games With Gold program on Xbox 360 are also now available to play on Xbox One. Furthermore, if there are any Xbox 360 games that you would like to receive backward compatibility, you can vote for them over at!

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  1. sLaP Wyo
    Where the hell's COD MW2 and B0? Or at least Skate 3.
  2. Beardyman
    My copy of Halo 3 isn't available to install on my console, it says it's not on the list of playable Xbox 360 games. Help? :frown:
    1. RaoulDuke
      Hm, I'm not exactly sure why it's not working. I'm gunna have to do some research on this and see if I was possibly misinformed from some of my sources.
  3. Liaamm
    Soon they Are Adding : Skate 3, Blackops 1, halo reach , halo wars, bioshock,bioshock 2 & bioshick infinte
  4. Yela is God
  5. nay1995
    i wish sony would do this instead of scamming customers by charging money for games we already have, absolute joke.
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  6. Adolfin
    Halo and Peggle are the only games I'm glad to see back.
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  7. Clipzeh
    these are okay choice of games.
  8. Beardyman
    Nice to see Peggle on the list. Hopefully the return of Halo 3 will refresh the dead game types such a Team Swat - I would really like to get my 50 in that.
      Salus likes this.
  9. Digital HD
    Haha and still nothing really good yet. They had a website where you could vote on titles you'd like to be backwards compatible the most. Some of the tops titles included Black Ops II, Skyrim, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption. Yet they have yet to make any of those (or any very popular games) backwards compatible.
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    2. Digital HD
      It's one thing to say it, it's another to actually follow through. I'll wait until they actually do it and then I'll have faith in Xbox. But then again it could be like 6 months before they get trough their "planned list".
    3. Night
      Well it's not something that they had to do so the fact that they're bringing back any games is a plus to me.
    4. Digital HD
      The only game I've played that I somewhat enjoyed was Dirt 3 when they added that...and I had never even played that on Xbox One. It was a Games With Gold game so I downloaded it and tried it. Out of 100+ games they added, I have never played a single one of them on my Xbox 360.
  10. Kabal
    Wow I remember Doritos crash course that game was fun I put a lot of hours in to that game.
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