Microsoft's big announcement was the Windows 10 Creators update. It comes out in spring 2017 as a free update for all Windows 10 users. Windows boss Terry Myerson said the Creators Update will offer "unparalleled new ways to create and play."

Myerson also talked about how the Windows 10 Creators update will allow for 4K gaming and in-game broadcasting on PC.

Windows 10's Creators update is the first new update to Microsoft's newest OS since the Anniversary update, which came out in August. Microsoft recently announced that there are 400 million "active devices" running Windows 10 right now.

You can watch the livestream broadcast right here on Microsoft's website, there is still plenty happening within the event.

According to CNET, the event is expected to bring news about Windows hardware, possibly including the rumored Surface all-in-one system. CNET also reports that a new Microsoft Band, among other devices and accessories, may make an appearance.

The New Xbox One Experience update that came out in November 2015 made every Xbox One technically a Windows 10 device. More than 400 million devices worldwide are running Windows 10 right now, including PCs, Xbox Ones, smartphones, and other devices.

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Source: GameSpot