Publisher 505 Games has shared a new trailer for Overkill's The Walking Dead game. Like the previous two trailers, this new video introduces viewers to another one of the characters who'll be playable in the upcoming co-op shooter: the elderly Grant.

"Of all the survivors we've met so far, Grant may be the best prepared for the apocalypse," developer Starbreeze said. He is described as "a steely outdoorsman who left city life behind to live out his golden years in the wilderness," but he returns to a zombie-infested Washington D.C. to find his missing family. You can watch Grant's character trailer above.

Grant is the third playable hero to be announced for Overkill's Walking Dead game so far. Previous trailers for the title introduced Maya, a doctor who fills the role of a healer, and Aiden, a brawler-type character. One final playable hero still remains to be announced, although Starbreeze hasn't hinted at who that could be.

The Walking Dead is a four-player cooperative shooter from Starbreeze subsidiary Overkill, the studio behind Payday 2. It is being developed with the blessing of the original Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, who said he was certain from the first day he saw the project that it was the "co-op action game fans have been waiting for." Players will need to work together in the game to complete missions, rescue other survivors, and stay alive in the hostile, zombie-filled world.

Overkill's Walking Dead game has been a long time coming. The title was first announced in 2014, with a planned release in 2016. It was subsequently delayed to 2017 before being postponed again to 2018. The game is now slated to arrive for PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime this fall.

Source: GameSpot