Respawn Entertainment has teased future content for Titanfall 2. In a blog post, the studio discussed the content coming to the game between April and June, which includes new maps, a new Titan, and more.​

During that window, Respawn will add two each of general multiplayer maps (Glitch and Relic) and live fire (Traffic and Deck) maps, as well as another Titan whose name hasn't been disclosed yet. All of this content is free. In terms of paid content, Respawn is launching two new Prime Titans, including Ronin and Tone.

It's not shown in the image, but Respawn is also added more paid content in the form of camos, nose art, and warpaint, among other things.

Even more DLC is on the way, though Respawn isn't ready just yet to reveal it. "We'll let you folks speculate as to what else we could be working on…" the studio said.

In addition to the new content, Respawn plans to add a number of gameplay features, updates, and tweaks in the April-June window. This includes the following (as written by Respawn):

  • Gen cap increase to 100
  • Expanded Private Match settings including the addition of Live Fire and Coliseum to the selectable modes
  • A new Faction
  • Marked for Death game mode
  • More Pilot executions
  • Addition refinements to matchmaking like estimated wait time and more
  • More purchasable camos, skins, etc. from the store

In addition to all of this, Respawn confirmed that it has plans for more Titanfall 2 free trials; the most recent free trial weekend was held in March.

In March, Respawn said Titanfall 2, which failed to meet EA's sales targets, is "healthy and growing." It remains to be seen if Respawn will make a third entry in the series.

Outside of the Titanfall franchise, Respawn is working on a third-person Star Wars action game that's being directed by God of War veteran Stig Asmussen.

Source: GameSpot