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New SHAREfactory Update Puts PlayStation 4 Owners in the Director's Seat


For the gamers that enjoy making in-depth gameplays, Sony has not forgotten about you. On June 1st, Sony released a new update for SHAREfactory that will include an abundance of impressive new features. Sony has introduced Track 2, which allows users to add a second gameplay video to your projects. You will have the ability to view two videos on the same screen and have the capability of adding effects. In addition to Track 2, Sony has added a Chroma-key option which allows you to use green screen or a white screen in your video. This Chroma-key addition will allow you to add animated backgrounds.

Sony has also extended the export limit to 60 minutes. You will now be able to create longer videos and sit on the PlayStation 4 home screen while your video exports. Sony has exceeded our expectations. Just when you thought it was over, they throw a curveball. Sony has made the Movie Clip function more user-friendly, ultimately making it easier for users to arrange videos.

Sony has truly made editing videos and making sublime commentaries for PlayStation 4 owners more enjoyable. The SHAREfactory update will also come with many other additional features and bonus content. This includes 2 new music tracks, 12 new filter effects, and a new ability that allows video editors to now freely rotate text layers. Your clips are saved in the Capture Gallery, which will allow easier access to your videos. On top of all of these superb additions to SHAREfactory, Trim Lock has been added, this will allow you to trim your clips and not affect the overall length of your project.

If you're a PlayStation 4 owner, check out Sony's latest update today!
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