With the end of Skeleton Thrones, Sea of Thieves enters its second Bilge Rat Adventure: Gunpowder Skeletons. Gunpowder Skeletons brings a new event to the open-world game, as well as multiple improvements to gameplay and bug fixes. With Skeleton Thrones officially over, that adventure's time-limited cosmetics and doubloon rewards are no longer available. However, any items earned during the Skeleton Thrones adventure, such as the cosmetic thrones and special titles, will remain a part of the world.

The new event unlocks gunpowder keg charging skeletons. Skeletons will now rush you with their explosive barrels in a suicidal attempt to take you down. The kegs themselves have also been updated with a stronger explosive force. Just one can now rock a ship and push it around. Of course, you can still use kegs to your own advantage. Fuses have been added to give you and your crew a five second head start before the boom.

Like the Skeleton Throne adventure, Gunpowder Skeletons offers some time-sensitive rewards for players as well. Until July 10, new legendary commendations can be completed for Bilge Rat doubloons. Every player can earn up to 150 doubloons, which can be used to buy exclusive items like the Bone Crusher Sword, Pistol, Blunderbuss, and Eye of Reach. Two new Bilge Rat titles are also available for any player who wants the bragging rights, and new letters of recommendation can unlock a full additional level in the trading company of your choice.

Updates and Bug Fixes

A number of other updates and fixed issues are arriving in Gunpowder Skeletons as well; you can see the full patch notes below:

  • Megalodons will no longer collide with islands when following a ship.
  • Skeletons wielding a blunderbuss or pistol have had their accuracy reduced.
  • Players can now make themselves unjoinable from the new Crew Management tab within Settings. This will mean that even friends can no longer join your session.
  • The reputation summary and icon have been updated with improved visuals.
  • Being poisoned by a snake no longer shows the VFX a second time.
  • Large button prompts no longer overlap.
  • Certain hairstyles no longer show being tucked into jackets.
  • Skeletons at a Fort no longer lose their textures once the Captain is killed.
  • Majestic Sovereign Trousers no longer visually tear.
  • The turning speed on the Galleon has been corrected.

Gunpowder Skeletons ends July 10. Sea of Thieves is available for Xbox One and PC.

Source: GameSpot