The new Rocket League Progression Update is live on all platforms. The update changes how the game levelling system works, adds new achievements/trophies, implements in-game clubs, and patches in numerous online multiplayer improvements. The update also unlocks the game's first Rocket Pass, which lets players unlock exclusive rewards for a price.

As the name of the update implies, Rocket League's progression system has changed the most. Now, XP is only earned in online casual and competitive matches, and the amount you receive is primarily dependent on match length instead of the overall score. A match needs to go on for at least 60 seconds to earn any XP, and experience scales upwards with every second that passes before maxing at 20 minutes. You'll still earn small bursts of XP for scoring, being the MVP, playing consecutive games in the same casual server, or replacing a bot in a casual match.

There is no longer a level cap in the Rocket League. The Rookie and Semi-Pro titles have been completely removed and Veteran through Rocketeer have all been adjusted accordingly. Here is the new system:

  • Veteran: Level 20
  • Expert: Level 40
  • Master: Level 60
  • Legend: Level 80
  • Rocketeer: Level 100

There are additional titles after Rocketeer, each one unlocking every 100 levels. Reaching those titles won't take as long as you might think as each level past 20 requires the same flat rate of XP.

Six new Achievements/Trophies have been added to Rocket League. All six relate to the game's online tournament mode or new club feature. You can start your own club of up to 20 members, and create a custom name, tag, and colour scheme for the group. When club members play together, the stadium changes to reflect the team's colours and name. Getting your club verified by Psyonix labels your club as a real group in the game and prevents others from copying you.

Those are the highlights, but the list of changes in this new update is pretty lengthy. You can view the full patch notes on Rocket League's website. Below is an outline of the major bug fixes that are now live.

Progression Update Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Postgame Spotlight camera breaking if players left the match
  • When the "Match Notifications" option is set to Time Updates or Kickoffs Only, you will once again hear the audio cues for hidden notifications like "1 Minute Remaining"
  • Fixed an issue that could cause reconnecting to a Ranked Match to fail
  • Fixed appearance of Painted "Mainframe" Decals
  • Fixed chat input being lost when an item popup occurs
  • Fixed an issue causing ball trail effects to shorten at high framerates
  • Fixed removing items from a trade by selecting them in the trade window
  • Fixed paint finish on "1989 Batmobile"
  • Trails are now properly aligned with Wheels on "1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34"
  • Thumbnail of Painted "K2" Wheels now display the correct color
  • Battle-Cars no longer spawn in as invisible to some players
  • Titanium White "MDGA" Decal no longer appears as a grey
  • Event Currency notification now properly displays after a match ends

Rocket League is available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch. The Xbox One, PC, and Switch versions of the game all support cross-play with one another.

Source: GameSpot