Ubisoft has shared some more details on what awaits in Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming Operation Para Bellum update. The update kicks off the second season of Year 3, and along with introducing two new Operators and other features, it makes two major balance changes to the game.

First, Echo will receive a significant buff following the update. Specifically, Ubisoft is giving him a second Yokai drone. The max charge for each of his drones has also been decreased, from 3 to 2, while the recharge time between shots has been increased to 20 seconds.

"Our original intention was to have an anchor that would be active throughout the whole round," Ubisoft said of Echo. "We decided several months ago to give Echo a second Yokai. The goal is to encourage him to take more risks with them throughout the round."

Other Operators are also receiving some tweaks in Season 2. Operators with three Speed will be "slightly slower" following the update, while those with one Speed will move a little faster. Additionally, movement speed with a handgun will receive a "small increase."

"One of the foundations of the speed vs. armor system is the balancing act between the two. However, we have seen that speed was stronger than armor in almost all situations," Ubisoft said. "To refine that balance, we will bring both ends of the spectrum closer to the middle. The intention of this change to the speeds is to make high armor Operators more viable."

Finally, Ubisoft shows off a trailer above that provides our first look at Season 2's new map: Villa. As its name implies, the new map is based around a huge mansion in the Italian countryside, which fits along with the two new Italian Operators being introduced in Operation Para Bellum.

Source: GameSpot