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New PS4 Firmware Update has Owners Livid


For those of you who own a Playstation 4, you may have received an update this morning. Nothing too big, just some firmware changes that help improve the functionality of some apps and software. It seems as though something as small as this has PS4 owners flipping out in every sense. They believe that Sony is just pushing out stability updates and not focusing on what really needs to be worked on. Sony has managed to release four stability updates in a row, which is the main reason why fans of the console haven't been the happiest. Fans are also making a clear statement that Microsoft has released consistent updates for the Xbox One and are actually listening to the community, while Sony has been hush-hush throughout the PS4's release and haven't asked for the community's opinions too often.

You also have to keep in mind that the last "major" update for the PS4 was released back in April, which included SHAREfactory, a video sharing app. Since then, PS4 really hasn't seen any dramatic changes, just little things here and there that most players really don't notice or care for. Some of the changes that PS players want to see are things like MP3 support, as well as name changing. They are also growing old of seeing the monthly firmware reports from Microsoft and looking at all of the features that are being added in, such as "3D support, external storage, auto sign-in, and much more." To show their displeasure of the update, fans took to Reddit and Twitter, as well as other social media sites. The amount of hate that has ensued since the update is overwhelming to say the least.

It is also interesting to note that Microsoft has done something that Sony didn't think of doing originally with the firmware. They created an "open door policy" with Xbox One owners. This allows Microsoft to send out the updates, and have the Xbox One community test them out in preview mode, as well as showcase pictures on Reddit and Twitter. This gives Microsoft consistent communication with its fans, which is where Sony seems to be lacking heavily in, as well as what was stated above.

Even with the amount of hate that Sony has received, it may not last for long. Tidux, a well known industry insider, released information that a new update may be coming close to GamesCom 2014. He stated in a tweet that "The next FW update is going to be called 1.8 and it will come around #gamescom2014 #ps4". He also stated that most of the features that are in the PS3 will be available in the supposed update, as well as some new things, too. He also responded to a tweet that asked "what those already available PS3 features are? can you please provide some hint" to which he said "media playback". Keep in mind that none of what Tidux has said has been confirmed by Sony, but it may very well come GamesCom this year.

What are your thoughts and opinions on what Sony's has been doing? What do you want to see Sony add in the near future?


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