The Legendary Pokemon Regice has now left Pokemon Go, but a new Legendary has taken its place. Registeel, the second of the three Legendary titans originally from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, has begun appearing around the world, and it'll remain in the game until August 21.

Like Regice before it, Registeel boasts high defensive stats, making it a formidable opponent. As with most other Legendaries, it can be encountered as a Raid Battle at Gyms. Players will first need to team up in-person with other trainers to battle Registeel; once it's been defeated, they'll earn a chance to capture it.

As its name implies, Registeel is a Steel-type, meaning it is most susceptible to Fire, Fighting, and Ground Pokemon. If you're planning on taking it on, you'll want to consider using Charizard, Moltres, Blaziken, Machamp, and other powerful Pokemon on your team to stand the best chance against Registeel.

The third and final Legendary titan, Regirock, is also slated to debut in Pokemon Go this summer. Niantic hasn't announced when the Pokemon will begin appearing in the game, but it will presumably arrive next month just as Registeel is departing.

Pokemon Go players have two events to look forward to next month. First is the August Community Day, which will take place on two days--August 11 and 12--and feature the popular Eevee. Beyond that, Niantic will host a special Safari Zone event in Yokosuka, Japan, from August 29 to September 2. Players who can't attend the event in-person will still be able to participate in Global Challenges for a chance to unlock bonuses.

Source: GameSpot