An image of Sombra, the new Overwatch character Blizzard is expected to reveal later this week, has appeared online. The art was found on Blizzard's official Overwatch merchandise store, signed by John Polidora, who is listed as a "Blizzard/Overwatch illustrator, concept artist, and character designer" on ArtStation. Although it has since been removed, the image has been reported on Imgur.

Below, Sombra is shown standing on the hand of giant Omnic, with threads of energy linking her hands to the fingers of the Omnic. This suggesting she is exerting some sort of control over him, which could translate to gameplay in interesting ways.

Although Blizzard hasn't officially detailed Sombra yet, fans have speculated she'll be a hacker and advanced tech user, based on the in-game teases and various teaser websites that Blizzard has created. It's still unclear which class grouping she'll function in.

The pose she's striking in the image is similar to the one depicted in a previous leak, which also correctly detailed the Overwatch Halloween event.

Blizzard is expected to show off new Overwatch content during BlizzCon 2016, which kicks off on November 1st. There's also a chance that something new could be revealed today to coincide with the Dia de los Muertos Festival, which ties into Sombra's Mexican origin.


BlizzCon is completely sold out, but you can watch the event by purchasing a BlizzCon virtual ticket for $40. In addition to the press conferences and announcements, you'll also get to watch "Weird Al" Yankovic perform from the comfort of your home.

Source: GameSpot