Overwatch is preparing to celebrate its second anniversary, and among other things that means a whole new set of anniversary skins. Blizzard is slowly revealing the new fashionable duds one-by-one, and we've just gotten a look at the first. Venom Soldier 76 is an Epic skin that replaces everyone's favorite shooter-dad with an imposing villainous look.

This is one of 50 new cosmetic items coming for this anniversary celebration, including eight Legendary skins and three Epics. Other anniversary happenings include the Petra map being put into the Deathmatch rotation, and a new Competitive mode to be added to Deathmatch to boot. Prior Arcade brawls will also be rotating in on a daily basis.

Logging in anytime during the anniversary event from May 22 to June 11 will get you a free loot box that guarantees one Legendary item. If you happen to have missed any seasonal cosmetics over the last two years, those will be available through loot boxes or for purchase during the anniversary celebration as well. The 50-box bundle will also come with one Legendary loot box.

Blizzard is also releasing a Legendary edition of Overwatch alongside the launch event on May 22, which will include the base game with 15 skins. A free weekend is coming from May 25-28 to open it up to new players as well. Meanwhile, the Pink Mercy skin for breast cancer research will be available through May 21, just before the anniversary event kicks off.

Source: GameSpot