The PC version of Mortal Kombat XL releases tomorrow, alongside a huge patch that makes a bunch of changes. The update intends to take both the higher- and lower-tier characters and bring them in line with those in the middle. Creator Ed Boon says the changes focus on making a "more balanced, more fun" experience.

During a stream detailing the patch, developer NetherRealm announced that all of the in-game items that were previously only available by playing the mobile game are now free to everyone. All you have to do is connect your WBID account and watch the skins unlock.

Some of the systems changed in the patch include running, air attacks, wake-up attacks, and armor. When it comes to running, NetherRealm has increased the cost of energy in various ways. It used to cost 15 energy to start running, but it now costs 25. The studio also added a significant consequence to running towards your enemy and staging an offensive assault. If you're hit while running, you lose 50 energy.

Air attacks also see some change. Normally, when you execute an air attack, your character's hurtbox and hitbox increase in size at the same time, which makes it so you can hit a player and be hit yourself from farther away. What tomorrow's patch does is make it so the hurtbox gets bigger one frame earlier than the hitbox. This means you can get hit before you're able to hit back, making it slightly easier for an opposing player to punish you if they get the timing right.


Delayed wake-up, where a knocked-down players gets back up after a period of time, no longer works if you're holding the block button. This means you'll be able to pull off wake-up attacks more quickly, in an attempt to turn the tables and take your opponent by surprise.

The patch also makes a whole bunch of changes and fixes to every single character on the roster. NetherRealm says it's gone more in-depth than ever with the patch notes, and you can check them all out here. We've posted the general gameplay fixes below.

General Gameplay Fixes

  • Many move list corrections
  • Increased energy cost to start running to 25 (up from 15)
  • Increased energy cost to cancel into a dash (where applicable) to 25 (up from 15)
  • Getting hit while running will now drain 50 energy
  • The increased hurt regions when you perform an air attack now activate one frame before the hit region activates
  • Kounter message added when a hit lands as a counterattack or punish
  • Delayed Wakeup will no longer activate if the block button is pressed or held while holding down
  • You are no longer able use specific timing to avoid recovery frames on some jump attacks which used weapons
  • Reduced the victim blockstun along with the attacker block recovery on many moves (keeping the same +|- on block advantage)
  • WBID unlocks no longer have additional requirements

Source: GameSpot