A new texture pack is available for Minecraft's mobile and Windows 10 versions. The Candy Texture Pack introduces a "dentist-weepingly high amount of sugar into your game." It does so by replacing all textures with sweet treats. Really. Take a look at the image below to get an idea for what to expect.

Already available for the console versions of Minecraft, the Candy Texture Pack costs $3. Itcomes to the mobile and Windows 10 versions through the 1.03 update; the update is free, but the texture pack is not.

As outlined on Minecraft's website, this update also adds localization support for Dutch and makes a variety of bug figures. For example, it fixes a crash scenario when a player enters a mutated biome. The patch also makes it so bats spawn more often, because who doesn't want that to happen?

Minecraft 1.03:

New Features:

  • Added Candy texture pack
  • Added Dutch localization

  • Fixed some spacing when truncating bolded text.
  • Tweaked spawn point selection to be "smarter" (e.g. avoid lava).
  • Tweaked the textures of flower/mushroom blocks.
  • Assorted texture fixes.
Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when a server/Realm would first start.
  • Fixed an issue causing servers to blink between online and offline status
  • Fixed a Realms crash when a player exits
  • Fixed a crash when using some items
  • Fixed a server crash when a player entered a mutated biome
  • Fixed an issue that caused pressure plates, buttons, and other Redstone items to become stuck
  • Fixed an issue with hoppers not ticking the proper order
  • Fixed an issue when destroying a door
  • Fixed an issue with item duplication
  • Fixed an issue allowing a player to incorrectly obtain End Gateway blocks
  • Observer block's arrows should now point in the direction of power
  • Observer blocks will no longer be placed upside-down
  • Fixed an issue where realms members that were not your friends were not being displayed
  • Bats should spawn more often!
  • Fixed an issue with End Gateway textures on mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue where buttons & other redstone devices could get locked when a redstone lamp activated.
  • Fixed some rendering geometry which created weird results

Source: GameSpot