New Legend of Zelda Delayed Until 2016

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    As a big Zelda fan, I was extremely excited when I heard about the new Zelda game in the works. While, at least in my opinion, there are plenty of games both currently out and upcoming that would justify my purchase of a Wii U, a new Zelda game is definitely what would push me over the edge, and I’m certainly not the only one who thinks this. Many of us have been looking forward to seeing this game released before the end of 2015, however Nintendo has made an official announcement that a 2015 release date is not possible, and they need more time to work on the game.

    Eiji Aonuma, the producer for The Legend of Zelda, said in a meeting that a 2015 release date was no longer a priority for the team. Aonuma explained that as the team got further into development, they started to come up with “several new possibilities” for the game’s direction. Since we know very little about the game, other than the scale being much larger than any of the previous titles, and a larger focus on exploration, it's hard to say what those possibilities will end up being.

    In addition what Aonuma has said, a spokesperson for Nintendo has confirmed that there will be no showing of the game at E3. The official statement is as follows:

    That's really all there is to it. What's your opinion on this news? Are you a Wii U fan, upset that such a big title won't be making it's way to console this year? Could you care less about this? Or is this just normal Nintendo practice to delay major Zelda games for a year after they've been announced? Let us know how you feel below!

    The video that announcing this can be seen here.
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