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New Just Cause 3 Beta Gameplay Showcases Absolute Chaos


After its announcement back at E3 2015, Just Cause 3 has been making waves throughout the gaming community, mostly for those that are big fans of the open-world genre. The developers at Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have boasted that it will feature some of the best destruction that has ever been implemented into a sandbox-style game, and the latest unscripted gameplay surely backs up that claim.

Just recently, the team at the production company Rooster Teeth and their sister website Achievement Hunter got a chance to test out the beta for Just Cause 3. Which in part has provided us with twenty more minutes of free-roaming gameplay. The video shows the importance of utilizing all of the in-game gadgets, mainly being the wingsuit, parachute, and the essential grappling hooks. Now being able to equip and use multiple of them at once, it has opened the door to an almost infinite amount of new actions that can be performed. Some of them include whipping helicopters into the ground and attaching cars to wind turbines, along with anything else that you could think of. Grappling hooks aside, the sheer chaos and destruction that can be constructed in Just Cause 3 is completely unheard of in any of its open-world predecessors, such as Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row. Players will be able to level an entire bridge simply by strategically placing the right amount of C4, amongst the great amount of other incredible carnage that you can craft together.

Just Cause 3 is looking to be an intense stream of mayhem, giving players the opportunity to roam around destroying the town their inhabiting just cause they feel like it. Although this gameplay is only in the beta stage, it's certainly shown that the game has smooth mechanics, outstanding graphics, and an overall polished look to it that doesn’t seem to need much improvement. Just Cause 3 is set to launch on December 1st across multiple platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

UPDATE - I've added roughly fifty more minutes of good gameplay that was recorded by Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter in the spoiler below.

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