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  1. Sobriquet

    Anyone who is following [email protected] will be glad to hear that they are making some progress, they have announced today that they have more developers working hard on new games. This is good news to anyone using an Xbox One, whether you follow the program or not, because this means more games in the future and possible expansion of the program!

    For those of you who don’t know, “[email protected]” or “Independent Developers”, is a program that allows developers to receive the tools necessary from Xbox to provide their own games for the community. The developer tools are free of charge and the games are given the same “restrictions” (or therefore lack of) as actual Xbox one games, meaning that they possess the same features like achievements, Kinect and smartglass. Also, anyone can apply! See more info and sign up (if you want) here.

    I am pretty excited to see what games are going to be coming in the future with this large (ever-growing) list of developers, hopefully there is a lot of variety as well as quality in these games. I already know I’m excited for the next Worms game from Team17 (who are a part of the program). What do you guys think of this announcement, or the program itself?

    Chris Charla (the director of the program) has this to say:

    Here is a list of the new developers announced today:
    • 4gency
    • A Crowd of Monster
    • Alientrap Games
    • The Behemoth
    • BetaDwarf
    • Big Ant Studios
    • Bloober Team
    • Blowfish Studios
    • Brain in a Jar
    • Brushfire Games
    • Cherry Pop Games Ltd
    • Codeglue
    • Code-Monkeys
    • Compulsion Games
    • Crunching Koalas
    • Deco Digital
    • Empty Clip Studios
    • Escalation Studios
    • EXOR Studios
    • FarSight Studios
    • Fatshark
    • Flix Interactive
    • Four Door Lemon Ltd
    • Frambosa
    • Frima
    • Glass Bottom Games
    • HB Studios
    • Headup Games
    • Heart Machine
    • Holmade Games
    • Humble Hearts LLC
    • I Fight Bears
    • Implausible Industries
    • Iridium Studios
    • iSquared Games Ltd
    • Larian Studios
    • Mediatonic
    • MeinMein
    • Mighty Rabbit Studios
    • Mimimi Productions
    • nDreams Ltd
    • NeocoreGames
    • No Goblin
    • n-Space
    • Piwot
    • Pixel Balloon
    • Playdead
    • Rebellion
    • Relentless Software
    • RetroCoders
    • Ripstone
    • Robomodo
    • Ska Studios
    • Smudged Cat Games Ltd
    • Snowrunner
    • Spry Fox
    • Tiny Castle Studios
    • Toxic Games
    • Vector Unit
    • Vertigo Games BV
    • VooFoo Studios
    • Warhorse Studios
    • WaterMelon
    • Xona Games
    • Zoë Mode

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