Sony has released a new trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is in development at Killzone studio Guerrilla Games. This new video, which is titled "Creating a New World," sees developers from the studio talking about the challenges--and opportunities--of moving on from the more linear Killzone series to the open world of Horizon. "We're known for our first-person shooters series, Killzone. Storytelling in an open world in an RPG is not something that we hadn't done before," Guerrilla managing director Hermen Hulst said. "But I think all of us, we really welcome it as a wonderful opportunity to create something that's so fresh, so new--it's a wonderful challenge for us."

Art director Jan-Bart Van Beek goes on to discuss Horizon's various "eco-topes," which are specific areas of the game's environment. There will be all manner of environments to explore, including jungles, forests, snow-covered mountains, deserts, and ruins. He also discusses the game's day/night cycle and its dynamic weather; both elements can impact gameplay. For example, rainy conditions can reduce visibility. Check out the video above--note that some of the footage was captured on a PS4 Pro (via Game Informer).

Horizon releases exclusively for PS4 on February 28, 2017. As stated, it is among the titles that will benefit from the increased power of the PS4 Pro. As announced previously, the game will feature extra detail, enhanced colors, and improved shadow maps and higher quality anisotropic filtering, which means the quality of the texture sampling will be increased, resulting in more detailed environments.

"Killzone is very key and very core to Guerrilla," Hulst said at the time. "We have a lot of love for the franchise. In a way it's conclusive, but at the same time we'll leave everything open for the future. Who am I to say we'll never do anything? There's too much in it to ever make any kind of definite statements on [the future of Killzone]."

Source: GameSpot