If you have been patiently waiting on the sidelines for new Halo 5: Guardians content to hit the internet, today is your lucky day. Let's not get carried away though, this isn't the holy grail of leaks, just a small cup of water from what is yet to come from the next installment in the Halo franchise. Earlier today, a cut scene from the new title was leaked, and if you didn't guess it already, it guest stars the new mysterious spartan from the Halo 5 artwork.

Now, before you guys get head over heals for the cut scene, let's get some preliminary information out of the way. This is not a cut scene that is directly from the Halo 5: Guardians story line. As we all know, Halo: MCC is going to be released very soon. This cut scene is from the Halo 2: Anniversary game that is going to be included in Halo: MCC. The main reasoning behind this is that 343i and Microsoft Studios are attempting to bridge the gap that's between the previous story line and the story line to come. By showing Spartan Locke's involvement with the characters from the story without Master Chief present, it raises a sort of mystery and drops a little insight for the overall character development of Spartan Locke.

There's a lot of mystery still lingering behind the Halo 5 story line, and Spartan Locke himself. This cut scene also makes even more questions arise. With all of the questions and possibilities that continue to arise, the suspense for what could be going on in Halo 5 is only going to increase. On top of the plethora of things that we don't know, we're still going to see more unfold on November 11th when Nightfall get's released.

What kind of questions do you guys have in the back of your minds regarding the Halo: 5 story? Me, personally, have been really wondering why Locke is even going after Master Chief in the first place.