The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) officially kicks off on January 5, 2017. With the three-day event just around the corner, we’ve compiled all the gaming hardware rumors surrounding the show. Here are nine things you can expect to get out of CES 2017.

Intel will launch its new desktop CPUs


Intel announced that its desktop Kaby Lake processors will launch in early 2017, so it makes sense that the company would release its 7th generation CPUs at CES. The company’s upcoming Core i7-7700K processor is poised to supplant the Core i7-6700K Skylake CPU as the company’s leading quad-core consumer chip.

Nvidia will launch new hardware


Nvidia has a keynote on January 4th. The company is rumored to launch its GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card during CES. The card will most likely perform and be priced between the GTX 1080 and Titan X GPUs.

Nvidia is also rumored to debut new GTX 1050 GPUs geared towards thin and light gaming notebooks.

Finally, judging from the fact that Nvidia highlighted its Shield console in its CES preview video, it wouldn’t surprise us if the company announced a refreshed unit with a new Pascal-based Tegra system-on-a-chip (SOC).

AMD will show off new Ryzen CPUs


AMD recently announced its Ryzen line of CPUs at its December 13th event in Austin, Texas. Formerly codenamed “Zen,” Ryzen will offer 8 cores, 16 threads, and will be clocked at 3.4GHz or higher. While AMD probably won’t launch Ryzen during CES, it’s possible that the company will reveal pricing and more details on the chip.

AMD will show off its new Vega GPUs


We don’t expect AMD to launch GPUs based on its upcoming Vega architecture at CES, but the company did show off a Vega-based graphics card at its aforementioned Ryzen event. The card is rumored to use the higher bandwidth HBM2 video memory, and it wouldn’t surprise us if we got more info on the GPU at the event.

Expect to see new Intel and AMD motherboards


Motherboard manufacturers like Asus and Gigabyte will most likely show off new Z270 and AM4 mobos, for Intel’s and AMD’s new respective CPUs. Rumors suggest that Z270 may offer more PCIe lanes. On AMD’s boards, AM4 will introduce DDR4 RAM support.

New HTC Vive hardware


We know that HTC will conduct Vive demos at CES, and we also know that HTC recently revealed a wireless add-on for the Vive. One concern with wireless VR head-mounted displays is that they add latency, which could exacerbate nausea, but this new wireless add-on is rumored to keep latency low. There is a chance we’ll get to test the new peripheral at CES.

New displays


TVs have always been a huge highlight of CES. In addition to more 4K displays, expect to see a big emphasis on high dynamic range TVs, which are more relevant than ever now that Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 consoles support HDR. We suspect that there will also be a lot of OLED panels, which provide really deep black levels. You should also expect to see new 4K, HDR, and high-refresh rate monitors at the show.

New cases, keyboards, mice, and more


CES is where a majority of PC hardware manufacturers show off their new peripherals. This means we’ll see new mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, cases, and more. RGB LED hardware has been big in recent years. You should expect that trend to continue.

Kooky concepts


CES is no stranger to kooky concepts that either flounder or never see the light of day. Razer’s Project Christine modular PC (pictured above) is one such example; CyberPower’s lunchbox-shaped BattleBox PC is another. You should always expect the unexpected at CES.

Source: GameSpot