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New Gameplay Released for Rise of the Tomb Raider


Lara Croft is a name that will most likely resonate with most gamers, even if they haven't played the Tomb Raider series. Over the past two decades since the original was launched, this groundbreaking third person franchise started off with basic graphics, went through the Hollywood film treatment twice, (along with a third time in the near future) and has now fully matured to the next generation of gaming.

Published earlier today by Microsoft, the new "Descent Into Legend" trailer boasts detailed landscapes, as well as free-flowing gameplay and mechanics. We can also see that hunting tactics will come into play, combined with essential equipment in the form of a grappling hook and crossbow. Nevertheless, it seems as if the developers have stuck to the unique storyline progression that set the standard for adventure games back in the 1990s.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will launch on Xbox One and Xbox 360 November 10th, but won't see a release onto PlayStation 4 or PC until sometime in 2016.
UPDATE- Shortly after the trailer had been released, a fifteen minute clip of gameplay was leaked onto the internet, which is shown here. Keep in mind that the highest quality the video can be viewed in is 780p, so the overall look of it will most likely not be a representation of the final product.

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