The Pokemon Company is continuing its year-long series of giveaways with another pair of free Legendaries for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This month, players will have a chance to get the Legendary dogs Entei and Raikou, but they'll only be available for a limited time.

As with most other Pokemon distributions, US players will be able to pick up a free download code for the Legendaries from a specific retailer. This time, the code will be available at Target stores from April 22-29. Those in Europe will be able to receive the Legendaries via an online Mystery Gift from April 4-25, while players in Canada can get a code in the Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter.

The code can be redeemed for any seventh generation Pokemon game, but the Legendary you receive will depend on which version you're playing. Those with a copy of Sun or Ultra Sun will get Entei, while Moon and Ultra Moon players will receive Raikou. Each Pokemon will also come with a different moveset depending on your version. You can see what attacks they'll know in each game below.

Pokemon Ultra Sun

Entei -- Level 100
  • Sacred Fire
  • Stone Edge
  • Iron Head
  • Flame Charge
Pokemon Sun

Entei -- Level 60
  • Stomp
  • Bite
  • Swagger
  • Lava Plume
Pokemon Ultra Moon

Raikou -- Level 100
  • Thunderbolt
  • Volt Switch
  • Extrasensory
  • Calm Mind

Pokemon Moon

Raikou -- Level 60
  • Reflect
  • Crunch
  • Thunder Fang
  • Discharge
To claim your Legendary Pokemon, select Mystery Gift from the games' main menu, then choose the option to receive your gift via a code/password. Input the code you received and your Legendary will be downloaded. You can then pick it up from the deliveryman waiting inside any Pokemon Center.

Source: GameSpot