The next update for Epic's hugely popular battle royale game Fortnite has arrived, while the newly added Shopping Carts have now been removed. As outlined on Fortnite's website, the big new addition for update 4.4 is a new weapon in the form of the thermal scope assault rifle.

As its name suggests, this weapon can detect enemies by their heat signatures. It appears you'll no longer be able to safely hide in the bushes... The weapon is for the battle royale mode.


Also new with the update is that some traps can be placed on ramps for both Battle Royale and Save the World. Epic didn't say which trap-types are eligible, however.

For Save the World, Epic has added a new character called The Cloaked Star. "Stealthy and mysterious, a new Ninja joins the fight to Save the World and he gets straight to the point," Epic said. You can see the full patch notes for 4.4 below, as compiled by Epic on their website.

In other news, Epic has disabled Shopping Carts due to an unspecified "issue" related to them. Presumably, their removal is only temporary, as Epic said it's removing them as it investigates.

Outside of the game itself, Fortnite is at E3 2018 this week. Epic is hosting a celebrity pro-am, while the studio is also flying a massive inflatable battle bus over Los Angeles.

Fortnite 4.4 Patch Notes


  • Several types of traps can now be placed on player-built stairs and sloping roofs.
    • The Bouncer in Battle Royale.
    • Wooden Spikes, Retractable Spikes, Flame Grill Traps, Freeze Traps, and Healing Pads in Save the World.
  • Added separate sliders for 'Mouse Sensitivity X' and 'Mouse Sensitivity Y' to the options menu.
    • Your current sensitivity settings will not be changed.
    • Previously, vertical mouse sensitivity (Y) was always 70% of horizontal sensitivity (X).
    • New players will now start with the same default sensitivity for both horizontal and vertical aim.
  • Added a quick visual transition to building pieces as you move and aim in Build Mode.
  • Damage numbers will now round down instead of up in Save the World, Battle Royale, and replays.
Bug Fixes
  • Chat windows no longer close unexpectedly while typing on consoles.
  • The search button will now work properly when sprinting up to chests and ammo crates.
  • Text no longer cuts off in some languages on the confirmation message of the settings screen.
  • Fixed Turbo Building not working if you quickly tried to build right after entering Build Mode.
  • Renamed “Shadowplay Highlights” to “NVIDIA Highlights” in the options.

Source: GameSpot