Another update is on the way very soon to Fortnite. Developer Epic Games is releasing the game's version 2.3.0 patch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One tomorrow, January 25, introducing a few gameplay adjustments and marking the conclusion of Save the World's Winter event. While the forthcoming update isn't quite as big as last week's, which revamped Battle Royale's map and added other features like pre-game voice chat, it makes a handful of big fixes and quality-of-life improvements to the Battle Royale mode. Specifically, Epic has improved the accuracy of grenade arcs and reduced the delay between throwing a grenade and switching to another weapon. Additionally, loot will spawn in more locations in Haunted Hills, player knockdowns are now recorded in Shadowplay Highlights, and players can mute party members from the lobby screen.

Along with aforementioned adjustments, update 2.3.0 adds an auto-run option, as well as the ability to turn auto-assist off in the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Battle Royale. It also introduces a new consumable item called the Chug Jug, which grants max health and shields to players who can drink it for 15 seconds. Players will also no longer earn stat or challenge progress when quitting a match early; now those will only be awarded when a player either leaves after being eliminated or wins the match.

As previously mentioned, the new 2.3.0 update also marks the end of the Winter event for Fornite's Save the World mode. Beginning tomorrow, it will be replaced by the returning Mutant Storms event. Epic says that up to five Mutant Storms will be available in Stonewood at a time, while Plankerton, Canny Valley, and Twine Peaks will have up to 25 of them. Additionally, Epic is bringing back Hydraulic Weapons and Storm Zone Heroes, as well as the Legendary Hydra Transform Key.

You can find the full patch notes on Epic's official website. Fortnite's Save the World mode remains in paid early access, while Battle Royale is free to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Epic recently announced that more than 40 million people have downloaded Fortnite as of this month, though the game's success has impacted Epic's other title, Paragon.

Source: GameSpot