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New Five Nights At Freddy's Teased

Five Nights At Freddy's, the animatronic-based indie horror game that went viral in 2014, has gotten a teaser for an upcoming addition to the...
  1. Lulu
    The Five Nights At Freddy's series started out as a simple idea playing on a relatively common fear: automatonophobia, the fear of objects that falsely represent life. The fear of dolls, puppets, animatronics, mannequins, and the like have been anything but few and far between and Five Nights At Freddy's developer Scott Cawthon learned exactly how to capitalize on those fears in his jump-scare horror game series.

    Cawthon launched a teaser on his website Scott Games to show off an eerie image of an animatronic with the headline "SISTER LOCATION" underneath the series title. The tagline "There was never just one." Information for what this teaser could entail are scarce, but the mentioning of location could mean that the next game in the series could be set in a new location altogether. It could potentially go on to explain the origins of certain story elements seen in Five Nights At Freddy's 3, or the origins of the animatronics.

    Five Nights At Freddy's has been met with criticism for its frequent sequel releases and simple jump-scare tactics to terrorize players, but overall, the series has been surprisingly successful and Cawthon clearly does not want to let that success and fan base go to waste.

    While no details have been revealed for Sister Location, we'll keep you updated on information that does emerge.


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  1. Connor
    Anyone else agree it was OK, then they decided to milk the **** out of it? In a way, it's worse then COD lol
    1. oblivioncth
      Yea really. Perfect comparison
  2. 3xTiNcT
    I don't get this game lol
  3. goss34
    Thought the game was stupid from the beginning.
      TestiCat, AForceTrulyEvil and Bluevex like this.
  4. Modder v7
    A quick analysis...

    FNaF series is extremely popular in more ways than one whether people realize it or not. And when something is popular, it will continue. The tagline says it all: while the main focus was around FNaF attractions and old, rundown pizza joints, from 1987 to present, there were ALWAYS "sister locations" or "copycats".

    You can see this today with any "franchise". Take McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, and even Subway. If there is one in X state, there is one in Y state and even Z state. By this logic, it was always intelligent to assume or infer that somehow and somewhere there was another FNaF attraction or copycat in the "world of FNaF".

    Now; word is that FNaF 4 would be the last? Perhaps it was the "last" one regarding the storyline of FNaFs 1-4, but I wouldn't see it as being the LAST one of the series. We were wondering the backstory of FNaF ever since the 1st one. Who was the murderer? What actually happened there? Where did the children go? When did the bit of '87 occur? And why is this little kid so damn terrified of the FNaF crew? All important questions that finally provided closure in #4. Now that all that's been cleaned up, it's time to work on a "new" story with new backgrounds. plots, twists, and scares.

    To end this, it's no different than when an author comes out with a new "book" in a "series"; the example I can use here is Harry Potter. You had "The Sorcerer's Stone", "The Forgotten King", and then of course the final (which was two parts, aka two books). I only remember these as I'm not a follower of the series. Another example would be the Twilight series, which had "New Moon", "New Dawn", etc. Different stories revolving around the same series. Well, FNaF has finished it's "Part 1". Now we move onto "Part 2".
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  5. Zelkaar
    I thought he said he was done with this cancerous series.
      AForceTrulyEvil likes this.
    1. Gray Ice 13
      To quote the man himself: "I never said I couldn't change my mind. :wink:"
  6. TheItalianLad
  7. Aeora
    gah this game
  8. oblivioncth
    I had a feeling this would happen ><
    1. Lulu
      Kinda weird considering Scott said FNAF 4 would be his last, but I guess the FNAF World release wasn't his thing.

      Also, hey cloth! How are you, man?!
      oblivioncth likes this.
    2. Modder v7
      If I was Scott, I wouldn't waste my "last hurrah" on an imitation RPG-type game where my iconically scary characters are shed in a less menacing and horrifying light.
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    3. oblivioncth
      Yea really.