A new update for Bethesda's Fallout Shelter is out now, adding new quests, a new location, and some Thanksgiving Day-themed content.

The new quests in update 1.9 include regular, weekly, and Thanksgiving-themed ones, though none of these were specified. The new location for quests is the Cave, which is described as a "dark and mysterious" place.

As for the Thanksgiving-themed content, this comes in the form of the aforementioned quests, as well as decorations and special outfits, which are available in Lunchboxes. Looking ahead, Bethesda will add Christmas and New Year's-themed content and items to the game for future holiday celebrations.

Bethesda also confirmed today that it's made new, Thanksgiving-themed stickers available for iOS 10 users. Additionally, there are new stickers based on Bottle and Cappy, the mascots from Fallout 4's Nuka-World expansion.

Fallout Shelter is available on iOS, Android, and PC. It's the first mobile game made by Bethesda Game Studios, but it won't be the last. Bethesda's Todd Howard has confirmed the studio is going to make more mobile games, though none have been announced.

Source: GameSpot