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The FPS genre is one that has seen countless titles and franchises over the years. Some of which turned out to be loved by many, while others have been completely shunned by the masses. One of the loved-by-most franchises has been Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, which has been around now for a decade. With the latest installment of this series breaching its way onto the market this December, YouTuber Joe Vargas, better known as Angry Joe had the chance to sit down with Siege’s Animation Director Scott Mitchell to ask him some questions regarding the upcoming game.

During this interview, they touched base on many different components of the game that have been changed from recent Rainbow Six titles, along with new features that could give the franchise an overall improvement. One of the first topics they discussed were ‘Situations,’ which will somewhat serve as in-game tutorials. Later on Joe asked about the maps that will be available, and Mitchell said that the final game will be released with eleven total maps that will consist of a mix between close quarters, medium ranges, and even larger maps that will all present players with a day and night timeframe.

One main feature that many of us enjoyed in previous Rainbow Six games in the past was the ability to customize our characters and weapons to our liking. This older aspect of the series has now been replaced with the new ‘Operators,’ which are essentially pre-customized classes to choose from that all have their own special abilities and weapons. On another note, Mitchell slipped up during the interview by mentioning ‘Rainbow Credits,’ which will presumably be the game’s own microtransactions. Although when asked to elaborate on this subject, an off-screen PR representative denied any for Mitchell to reveal any further details. So for now we can only assume what this means and wait for an official announcement from Ubisoft. In conclusion, this interview has also brought to light the fact that any future DLC for Siege will be absolutely free content.

Besides this interview that analyzed some important details, there has also been a new trailer, along with additional screenshots released that can be seen in the spoiler below. Furthermore, the team at Xbox On got some exclusive hands-on gameplay which showcased three of the multiplayer modes we can experience in Rainbow Six Siege. This gameplay can provide insight into Siege for those in the gaming community that missed out on the recent closed beta.

The Rainbow Six series is making its return after seven long-awaited years on December 1st to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.










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