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New Details Arise On Fallout 4's Survival Mode and Official Mod Support


Many Fallout 4 players are excited about the upcoming DLC that has been recently revealed to be making its way into the game over the course of the next few months. In case you missed it, coming next month will be the Automatron DLC, which will see the player engage in heavy combat with The Mechanist, an evil villain using his own personal army of robots to reduce the Commonwealth to ashes. Following that will be the Wasteland Workshop DLC, which is perfect for players looking to add a little spice to their settlements, and one month after that players will be able to purchase the mysterious Far Harbor DLC. You can read up on the detail on all of the upcoming content here.


Todd Howard, the Executive Producer over at Bethesda Game Studios recently spoke on the upcoming DLC and other future Fallout 4 content in an interview. He described Automatron as a small quest that will feature gameplay that is similar to the Pokémon games. The DLC will see players destroying enemy robots to scavenge their lifeless mechanical corpses for scrap parts to build their own killer robot. Howard claims the robot building feature is extremely deep, but we’ll have to wait and see just how customizable the robots really are. Next, Howard spoke on the Wasteland Workshop DLC. He described it as a paradise for those who love building things in Fallout 4. He essentially wanted players to be able to build their own Mad Max-esqe Thunderdome and other makeshift structures one might see in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. There wasn’t much said about Far Harbor other than it’s cost-heavy and there’s a larger team working on it. Hopefully it’ll be a quality DLC that’s worth the wait.

Howard went on from there to discuss Bethesda’s plans for the upcoming beta test for Fallout 4’s Survival Mode. Bethesda is aiming to make Survival Mode drastically different from the normal game. They want to give the player a completely new and challenging experience when playing it, and are taking their time to perfect it. Once it’s complete, it’ll be released on Steam as a beta for players to test out and give feedback on. After feedback is received and the final changes are made, the final version will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The consoles will not be receiving beta access to Survival Mode because Bethesda feels that it’s far easier to update the game on PC.

Survival Mode will include some cool new features. Players will only be able to save their game when they sleep, they won’t be able to fast travel, and there will be many different diseases and ailments the player will have to look out for in order to stay alive. In previous Fallout games, there was a similar mode called Hardcore Mode, which made many changes to the overall gameplay. This included Stimpacks healing over time instead of giving you a boost to your health immediately after use, and the same applying to RadAway and radiation. Players also had to tend to their character and ensured they were always fed, well hydrated and got proper rest while traversing the wasteland. Broken limbs could only be fixed when using a Doctor’s Bag,Hydra, Weapon Binding Ritual, Healing Poultice, Auto-Doc, or by paying a visit to an in-game doctor. In addition to this, sleeping does not heal the player in any way, unless they own the bed they are sleeping in, and any companions the player is traveling with will be erased permanently should they be killed. It’s unknown if any of these old features will be coming to Fallout 4’s Survival Mode, but you can be sure that Bethesda will make the mode as challenging as the possibly can. There may even be a nice reward for those who complete the game in Survival Mode.

Last but not least, Howard spoke on the highly anticipated feature many players have been patiently waiting for, official mod support. Howard has confirmed that modding will make it’s way to PC first in April, first and foremost is making sure it works on PC before releasing it on consoles. The expected release date for console players to start enjoying official mod support is May for Xbox One, and June for PlayStation 4 owners. New content is coming in fast for Fallout 4. Are you ready for all of it?

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