Bungie has shown off several new weapon customization options that are on the way to Destiny and teased the upcoming return of two seasonal events.

The company shared the pictures of the new Exotic weapon Ornaments in its weekly update blog post today. Some of these had already surfaced online following the most recent update, including those for Bad Juju.



The two for that gun will arrive with the return of the Festival of the Lost event, which is still without a date. On that subject, Bungie would only say, "Very soon, you'll learn exactly how and when the Guardians will celebrate the memories of lost souls." Details of the event recently leaked online.

Red Death and Thorn are also getting new Ornaments, with those coming this winter. You can see these, along with the Bad Juju ones, in the gallery above. In the case of those for Red Death and Thorn, Bungie warns these are "still in development, and very well could change before you have a chance to acquire and equip them."

Additionally, The Last Word and Black Spindle will also be getting new ornaments before the end of the year. These may be tied to the return of the Sparrow Racing League, as they were mentioned just prior to the following, not-so-subtly worded statement: "This year is racing to a close, but there are still some special occasions to celebrate and experience in the game."

Bungie previously said that both SRL and Festival of the Lost would return following Rise of Iron's release. It remains to be seen if Festival of the Lost will change beyond adding new items.

SRL, on the other hand, is changing in what could be a substantial way--live team director Jerry Hook told Game Informer earlier this year, "When we talk about SRL coming back, it'll probably be wrapped in a different style, not just focused around SRL. Because some of the stuff that we learned from our players around the Sparrow Racing League is that some people didn’t like racing. So, can you do something with the event that helps support those players a little bit differently? Absolutely."

Source: GameSpot