As of today Sony has revealed a trailer of the upcoming game, Destiny. The trailer is voiced by various members of the Bungie team and they show us some PS4 gameplay and give us info on how some of the online will work. They mention how each class will have unique abilities in terms of combat and movement. Each class will have a "super" ability they can unleash by holding back both the right and left trigger allowing them to cause tons of mayhem, and then they'll also have a movement ability such as the Titan's "Lift" ability, the Warlock's "Glide" ability or the Hunter's "Double Jump" ability.

It is also explained that while you're playing you have a random chance of encountering other players through interesting events regardless of whether you're on the story or not. These events noted by a visually stunning event transpiring and an optional mission popping up on your HUD can take place where multiple players will need to work together. You'll have the choice of jumping right in with the other players or simply ignoring it and continuing on your merry way.

You'll also be capable of meeting other players while upgrading your character in the 'public marketplace'. While there you can see and socialize with others allowing for further co-operation and player involvement in your game.

Are you looking forward to Destiny's cooperative gameplay? Personally I'm really enjoying everything that Destiny has shown so far and can't wait to get my hands on the game. I'm also really looking forward to seeing what Bungie brings to the tables at E3. Hopefully the beta confirmed for a July release will have some amazing gameplay to keep us satisfied until the September release of the full game.